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Who We Are

Ms. Demetria Barlow is the Owner and Chief Design Officer of Fresh Focus, a boutique graphics art agency. Through Fresh Focus, she fuels her passion for creativity and expression by working with individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to meet their unique creative communications needs. Whether she’s creating a logo for local start-ups, designing menus for neighborhood restaurants, sketching baby shower invitations for moms-to-be, or developing weekly bulletins for churches, Demetria’s clients know they are in for an incredible experience! They can count on partnering with a dedicated professional who understands their project needs and delivers creative designs that reflect their personality and brand.

Demetria discovered her passion for creating things when she took her first pottery class in high school. She was amazed at how she could envision something and transform it from a mental sketch to a tangible object. Demetria used school clubs to develop her talent further. Her experience in the yearbook club enhanced her design skills. Throughout high school and her college career, Demetria perfected her techniques.

Those design skills came in handy when Demetria could not find exquisite wedding invitations at affordable prices for her own nuptials. She realized that she was the perfect person to design invitations that captured her personality and the tone of the festivities. Demetria received so many compliments and requests for invitations, programs, and stationary that she knew she could fill the design gap for special occasions and business needs in the community.   And this was the birth of FRESH FOCUS!